Travel to Verona

travel to verona

Travel to Verona

When should you travel to Verona? We would say always, because even in autumn and in winter Verona, like many cities intersected by a river, has its own charm, but it is undoubtedly spring, from April to June, that is the most beautiful: the weather is hot, but not suffocating, and the summer tourism, driven by the operas and concerts, has not yet started in earnest.

But if you are lovers of opera, the best season is from June to August: this year the Arena gets going with Carmen, by George Bizet, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, and we are accompanied all summer by Aida, la Traviata, Turandot, and il Trovatore, until August 26th. All these operas take place with the beautiful backdrop of the Roman Arena: along with Romeo and Juliet, the Arena is the symbol of the city: an antique amphitheater that is preserved remarkably well, also thanks to continuous restorations and devices that maintain its splendor. Every year, the Arena’s program brings many different events together, like the Arena di Verona Festival, but also many concerts like that of Adele, whose concert has been sold out for some time, and that of Renato Zero and of Duran Duran, as well as Ballet, which this year includes Roberto Bolle as a guest.

Summer is always a surprise; there is hot weather and it is always sunny, and in the past few years it has always held great surprises: whether fresh or humid, summer is always summer, with hot temperatures that are occasionally tempered by summer wind.
Verona is also beautiful in autumn, with its pleasant temperatures and its streets that are not too crowded with tourists, while winter is also a wonderful season for coming to Verona: during the Christmas period the squares are colored by the Christmas markets, with a great number of artisanal items and presents to give and receive.

And what is the highest rated day? Valentine’s Day, where each year, for 10 years now, lovers have been meeting at Verona in Love, which has many events related to love, to Juliet and to lovers. Without doubt, after Venice, Verona is one of the most romantic destinations in the world for that day.
With its proximity to the Venetian plain, the Dolomites and the wonderful Lake of Garda, Verona is lucky enough to have great weather all year round and, at the same time, it is a perfect destination to use as a starting point so you can combine many excursions in one trip.