Transport in and around Verona

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Transport in and around Verona

The world is too vast to visit it solely on foot! In fact, for travelling around  Verona, we would recommend  many of the other alternative means of visiting the city.

Moving around Verona is rather simple; its tempo is a far cry  from the chaotic cities of Italy. In Verona, one can walk down the beautiful promenades and lose oneself in the fascinating alleys and roads,  as well as re-encounter the suggestiveness of history and the history that we belong to. Verona splendidly lends itself to being visited by other means of transport. The historical center represents a great part of its captivating streets. They are closed off to traffic in order to give the visitor the feel of a Medieval city,  that is, with its ancient walls,  alleys, and streets. Indeed, traveling around Verona has never been a problem.

If you are dynamic and sporty,  we  suggest going by bicycle –  either using our own bicycles, which are offered freely to our guests and which you will find outside our hotel –or using those from the city’s  comfortable bike sharing service. This is a service that is easy, practical, and ecological. This is what drives many local citizens of Verona to use this means of transportation. They can also take advantage of the fact that there is are plenty of cycle routes in and around the city.

Verona Bike is part of a big project to improve the city’s infrastructure and to favor the mobility of citizens. It is ideal for brief visits around the city. It is also a response to living with ecological awareness – both for tourists and for citizens. On the Verona Bike website, you can download maps of the bike paths and parking stations that are comfortable and close to the places you are visiting.

We also recommend trying the  Segway System, which proposes a common, alternative and fun means to move around the city. Segway has transformed people into powerful pedestrians –  enabling them to move around the city quickly. Verona Segway as a transport means that can be accessed in the city areas in which bicycles are admitted –  leaving you with the liberty to  visit the city even when you have very little time at your disposal. If, on the other hand, you have time to use Verona Segway, you can book your very own guided tour, which will enable you to visit places of cultural and historical interest with a professional guide.

Choose the most fun means of travelling around the city- either  online in your own time, or via alternative pleasant routes that can be visited by bicycle and other alternative means– the city awaits  you!

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