A city to discover

arena di verona

A city to discover

Verona is not just the Arena, which is famous for its program of lyrical operas, and it isn’t just the city of Juliet, and therefore of all lovers – whether happy or not. Verona is also a marketplace, full of fruits and vegetables. It is a city in which you can find buildings of various ages and shapes everywhere, and you can find, on display, the Mazzanti Houses, which stand out for their frescoes of the 1500’s that can still be admired today, while perhaps enjoying, at the Bar Mazzanti, one of the best spritzes in the city. Verona was also called an “urbs picta” – or a painted city – because of the many city buildings that have been embellished with brightly colored frescoes. By observing the Mazzanti Houses, and the surface remains of frescoes on many other buildings of Piazza delle Erbe, one can imagine the wonder and fascination of those who entered the square in the 16th century, surrounded by a whirlwind of colors and stories as told by these frescoes.

You could spend a whole afternoon scouring the square and its history: to the north the square is bordered by the baroque beauty of Palazzo Maffei, and right next to it is Torre del Gardello, with the first bell clock of the city.
The Torre dei Lamberti, not the highest but certainly the most famous of the city towers, which, during Valentine’s day – February 14th – is lit up in “love red”, and with its 80 meters in height, offers, from its summit, the view of Verona. For a long time the tower was used for viewing the executions of death sentences, alarms, signs of fire, militia gatherings or the arrival of a plague. Frescoed houses, crenellated dwellings, columns with their capitals, and fountains all enrich the heart of Verona. The Arco della costa, which marks the entrance to Piazza dei Signori, has given rise to many fanciful stories and urban legends due to its dangling bone. We would like to tell you all about this, and much more about Verona … follow us and we can be your city guides.

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