Circulation restrictions: limits and prohibitions in Verona

limitazioni traffico

Circulation restrictions: limits and prohibitions in Verona

Vehicle circulation restrictions: limits and bans in Verona

Autumn and winter are seasons that often bring in addition to the sparkling cold increased levels of PM10s. Cities like Verona try to counteract the atmospheric stagnation by limiting traffic and some limitations will be introduced. In the coming weeks, some restrictions will be introduced for vehicle traffic.
The limitations will be applied on the following days
Sunday 3rd December 2017
• Sunday 14th January 2018
• Sunday 11th February 2018
• Sunday 25th March 2018
• Sunday 22nd April 2018
The traffic limitation is from 10 am to 7 pm in the early evening. The limitations affect the municipal territory included in the loop of the Adige and bordered to the south by Porta Nuova, Porta Palio and Porta San Zeno.

The ban will cover all motorized vehicles, with some exceptions: excluding electric motor vehicles and those with hybrid engines as well as vehicles powered by LPG or methane gas.
(download the mobility day mappa)
Scheduled public services, tourist buses, school buses, taxis and rental cars with hired driver are also excluded from this ban.
All vehicles, which perform medical functions and essential services or public services are excluded from the prohibition.
Outside the areas delimited by the ban on the same days and at the same times, the circulation of traffic is limited to Euro 0, Euro 1, Euro 2 motor vehicles and Euro 0 motorcycles and mopeds.
Of course, there are no problems for guests who have to reach our hotel, they can reach us through Corso di Porta Nuova, limited to the path necessary to arrive at the hotel on the day of arrival and of departure and having a copy of the reservation in their possession.
If you are to come to our hotel during the days when the traffic ban is in force, we remind you to bring with you a copy of the reservation to be shown in the case of a control, accompanied by a self-declaration in which the vehicle data must be indicated (licence plate, model and owner) the time, the place of departure and destination, and the reason for the transit.
Further information and details can be found directly on the website of the Municipality of Verona.
Check the calendar and please contact us for any details or information that is not clear.