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Cosmo Bike

Cosmo Bike Show: we are turning our “headlights” toward the trade fair dedicated to the world of bicycles at Veronafiere next September 16-19. Last year’s fair was already a success, and it is returning, adding onto the experiences from last year with everything that can now be experienced in this sector. Smart@cosmobikeshow is an area dedicated to companies that have thrown themselves headlong into this industry, developing innovative products and services for cyclists and cycling. Companies and creativity, for a sector that wishes to maintain its great tradition of Made in Italy artisanship, while introducing great innovations and creativity in its products.

Veronafiere supports young companies and startups – in the world of bicycles – with special and favorable rates to incentivize their presence and support their launch in the market. These are young companies that need visibility since they are capable of bringing new products and innovations to the industry.

At the Cosmobike Show we are not just talking about simple bicycles, but of alternative modes of transport, capable of changing urban mobility and of giving tourism a new and very appealing approach: tour the city in a bicycle and travel with an environmentally sustainable well-rounded mode of transportation.

Bicycles can also revisit the concept of disability: during the Cosmo Bike Show, the FIAB – Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta-  (Italian Federation of Friends of Bicycles) offers our disabled friends a two-wheeled experience with their Special needs Bike. Bicycles seem to lend themselves to innovative social and economic dynamics, as can be seen with the metropolitan phenomenon called “bike sharing”, which will be discussed during the Show. This phenomenon is a particularly social one that, using cycling, can identify alternative paths in urban mobility.

There are a great many pavilions and technical operations, but there are also great moments for conviviality, such as Aperbici, which takes you on a visit of the center of Verona by bike for an aperitif in the city square.

Cosmobike Show is in Veronafiere from September 16th to 19th, 2016 –

So come on! Jump on your saddle and pedal.

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