Eating in Verona

mangiare a verona

Eating in Verona

After love, which does not lack in Verona,  come the restaurants.  Without a doubt, there are restaurants for people with all tastes and also all prices. Today, our suggestions are for those places that are a bit exclusive, namely those which  have high or very high levels of cuisine. These places are perfect for important dinners  and represent the ideal holiday  eating experience.

Are you lovers of fresh seafood and good cooking? Well, then, my first choice is Muramare. Situated  just a stone’s throw from our hotel, the restaurant will take you take you on a journey down the streets of Naples . At Muramare, you will be able to taste the best Neapolitan fish cuisine. The trattoria proposes the following dishes: a raw fish menu, a classic soup menu – pepper mussel soup, which is delicious  and where the restaurant also gets its name from, as well as a menu of fried dishes au gratin and boiled seafood. It is essential to book in advance because  there is always a queue at Martino!

If, on the other hand, you would like to take home the taste of Scaligera cuisine, all you need to do is to go down the  road until you get to Piazza Bra, which is where Trattoria al Bersagliere is. This will be an ideal occasion to taste old and authentic flavors of the city– and where you can choose from among a variety of dishes. It is located in the historical center of the city, in the ancient district of the Fillipini , just a short distance from the arena and the Piazza Bra. Leo, will know how to advise you and will accompany you during your evening.  The premises of the trattoria are likewise truly original –  boasting a vast exposition of fossils . For example, a palm fossil from  Bolca that is 40, 000,000 years old, a Rhombea, an Odonteus, and a real novelty, which is a Nothosaurus from  China that is 90,000,000 years old – all of which are beautiful exhibits. And for car lovers, we suggest taking a shot of the original Gilles Villeneuve steering wheel and Carlos Reuteman’s dungarees, winner at Long Beach in 1977.

This is a special place, without a doubt.  As its owner attests,  this restaurant serves as a meeting point for both celebrities and common people that have a passion for food.

Among his typical dishes  are: Lardo della Valpolicella (Pork lard in Red Wine), Soppressa casalinga (Housewife’s surprise), Petto d’oca affumicato (Smoked goose breasts),  Bigoli con anatra (Bigoli served with duck sauce), Pasta e fagioli (Pasta and beans), Pastissada de caval (a Horsemeat dish), Baccalà (Codfish)  and also Filettoal pepe rosa e mentuccia al gorgonzola  (Fillet of beef with red pepper and mint with Gorgonzola cheese), (in season with pomegranate). Notwithstanding, there is a vast selection of wines  – 200 with labels –  60 amaroni,  and 60 types of grappa.

A little bit further along is another enchanting restaurant, i.e. Maria Callas, which is situated in the heart of Verona – a place dedicated to the biggest exponent of Italian lyrical arts, where, apart from good cooking, you can discover the “Divine” world. Inside you will find a very comfortable environment and the reconstruction of places belonging to the famous Italian opera singer. With a unique and original atmosphere,  it not only has an á la carte menu and space for tradition, but also many modern interpretations for the refined palate. Chosen for its ingredients that represent both simplicity and passion, this restaurant is very exclusive.

If the time at your disposition is not over, we would suggest a last stop: Pescheria Masenini. Situated in Piazzetta Pescheria, which is some distance from the main tourist areas, but not too far from the city center. A suggestive spot, established during a period that was dedicated to fish markets, this restaurant today is a space that is truly intimate and close to the Adige. A young and resourceful management  is at hand to bring fish to the tables of the Veronese-  retaining a cuisine that is both simple and traditional.

Furnished in boisere style, in wood, which provides heat and a great environment – a combination between a classical and modern styles. In the kitchen is Elia Rizzo, with already two Michelin stars, who wants to repeat the success already achieved with the renowned Masenini Restaurant, where meat is their speciality. For us the objective has been reached: don’t leave the Pescheria Masenini without the desire to return.

Truly good cooking never lacks here….. don’t you believe us? Come and test it out for yourselves!

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