Live Nature Park

Parco natura viva

Live Nature Park

Are you planning on spending a  weekend get-together as a familyVerona  is a dynamic destination that is capable of meeting the needs of opera and big concert lovers. It not only appeals to couples who are retracing the footsteps of the romantic love of Romeo and Juliet, but is also a  perfect place for families to meet. At Bussolengo, which is only twenty minutes by car or bus,  you can discover  Parco Natura Viva (Live Nature Park).

Parco Natura Viva is not a drab zoological garden, but an important  conservation center of many threatened species. It was an idea devised by Architect Alberto Aversani, the founder of  Natura Viva Park – which originated in the 60’s,  and which transformed an agricultural farm into a faunistic area where it is possible to raise and protect many diverse species.

Today,  Natura Viva Park has 1,500 animals, 250 species, 42 hectares of moraine hills   all just a few minutes from Verona.

Inaugurated in 1969, the park has become a dedicated area of natural beauty. It is a place where mammals and African birds await you, and where you can see your very own  African  Safari by car. In 1978, new areas were added: The Aqua-Terrarium, the Tropical Greenhouse and the Dinosaur area. It is here where you can admire a child’s best friend: gigantic models of dinosaurs and reptiles from our prehistory.

The Natura Viva Park is not only a game trail to visit on a beautiful Spring day, but a place that provides diverse objectives. It contributes to the conservation of animal and vegetable life  in their natural environments and guarantees the survival of many endangered species.  Inside the zoological park,  attention is focused on population biology, animal welfare, the ecology of  behaviour and veterinary medicine. It is also where there is a center for study and research.

Finally,  it is a specific place  dedicated  to education about themes of biodiversity – thus educating new generations about respect towards the environment and about safeguarding the natural world.

At the Natura Viva Park,  you can go on long walks or attend one of the many events that are proposed by the staff and park organizers. Birthdays and special events may likewise be organized inside the park   to give your “little ones” a unique and memorable experience.

At the Grand Hotel Verona, you can  buy discounted tickets to avoid queues and to plan in advance your visit. A child pass (3-12 years old) is 12 Euro, and an adults pass is 17 Euro. Children younger than two years can enter free of charge.

Ask us for more information and book your room and ticket straight away for the Natura Viva Park, and download the pdf of the park.