Maria Callas on display in Verona

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Maria Callas on display in Verona

Maria Callas on display in Verona: inaugurated last March 11th, at the AMO – l’Arena Museo Opera di Verona (The Arena Opera Museum of Verona) – this exhibition is dedicated to the divine Callas, who had her debut right in Verona on August 2nd 1947, with La Gioconda by Amilcare Ponchielli. This exhibition traces the life of the great soprano in a multimedia tour complete with period films, costumes and jewelry from its scenes, private wardrobe, videos, documents, letters, and photographs from the archives of Italian, French, English and American theaters, as well as from international private collections, with objects on loan, sometimes for the first time, placing great focus on the city in which Maria Callas first performed and, in some cases, lived, from Verona to Paris.

Maria Callas arrived in Verona with Giovanni Zanatello, the artistic director of the Arena, who was always searching for new singers for the opera festival, and who fell in love with her right away, becoming her agent.

Maybe Italy brought her luck, since after Verona, both Milan and Venice had the privilege of hearing her “Gioconda”, “Tristan und Isolde”, “Norma”, “I Puritani”, “Aida”, “The Sicilian Vespers”, “Il Trovatore” and so on.

The exhibition is a tribute to the artist, but also to the woman, with 14 sections dedicated to her life: “Greek American, there and back. New York – Athens  – New York 1923-1947”; “Success and love. Verona, 1947-1954”; “Sacred Heart”; “The great debuts. Venice, Florence and Rome, 1947-1958”; “The conquest of South America. Argentina and Mexico, 1949-1952”; “Finally la Scala. Milan, 1950-1953”; “Callas-Scala. Milan, 1954-1962”; “Style icon”; “Queen of the court of Her Majesty. London, 1952-1973”; “The return home. Chicago – New York – Dallas – Athens – Epidaurus, 1954-1965”; “From the greatest triumph to loneliness. Paris, 1958-1977”; “Maria and Medea”; “Diva details. The wardrobe: Finale”.

The exhibition will be open until September 18th, with weekly openings on Mondays – from 2:30pm to 7:30pm – and from Tuesday to Sunday – 9:00am – 7:30pm. Promoted by the City of Verona and by the Arena Foundation of Verona, this exhibition is created and organized by the Arthemisia Group, with the support of Gruppo AGSM, the main sponsor of the initiative, and it is curated by Massimiliano Capella. After Verona, the exhibition will tour some of the most important cities of the world, from Athens to New York, from Paris to Mexico City.

A well-rounded exhibition where the visitor will be accompanied by the beautiful voice of the artist and the successes of her life.

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