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Grand Hotel Verona is located in the city centre, facing the large main street which leads to Piazza Brà, where the famous anphitheatre Arena is. tag : hotel verona, hotel 4 stars, hotel 4 stars verona, hotel center, hotel center of verona , hotel near Brà Square


Its architectonic style is that of a Liberty palace of the early Twenties, requested by an Austrian aristocratic family, the Reichenbachs, as their elegant city residence, and then transformed into an hotel without altering its peculiar architectonic values.. tag : hotel verona, historical hotel, Ancient redence in Verona, hotel Liberty Palace, Historical hotel in verona


In the heart of a city of art like Verona, the Grand Hotel therefore is also a proposal of art and culture, besides comfort, elegance and safety, to international customers, attentive and demanding, attracted by the cultural opportunities and the liveliest economic life. Ricerche simili : elegant hotel verona, comfortable hotel, suite verona, business suite, single room verona, double room verona, lastminute rooms verona