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Room Services
OZOSì, is the innovative sanitisation system which purifies, sanitises, disinfects and deodorises environments naturally, ecologically, efficiently and safely. After this treatment the area and surfaces are clean, and it's always like being the first guest of the room.

The pillow present in the room is the model ACRILPIUMA: synthetic, anti-allergic, gr. 800 fiberfill, material Pelleovo.

For special request are available the following models (until availability):

  • GRAND HOTEL: medium-soft, synthetic, anti-allergic, gr. 800, acrylic silicon fiber, pure cotton material;
  • DOLCE RIPOSO: medium-hard, synthetic, anti-allergic, gr. 800, acrylic fiber, pure cotton material;
  • SIBERIA: soft, goose feather, gr. 600, Pelleovo material;
  • REFINO: medium, 100% wool, gr. 900, pure cotton material;
  • SL92: medium-hard, natural latex, perforated latex slab, pure cotton material;
  • IDRO: orthopaedic, waterlily manufacturing, anatomical waterlily slab, pure cotton sponge material.