Romeo and Juliet Kisses

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Romeo and Juliet Kisses

When we speak of love, we often refer to flowers and chocolates.  It is perhaps during these moments of falling in love that our taste buds are  closely related to a kiss. Kisses that were exchanged between Romeo and Juliet have a name and a form today: Giu.Ro chocolates.

Romeo and Julie  from Giulietta and Romeo -is a delicious praline chocolate fondant replete with soft cocoa cream. Giu.Ro stems from the desire to  create something  unique for Verona and for its history. Making  chocolate is about knowing the origins of the primary materials that are used and their  characteristics, as well as appreciating their differences and virtues.

Making  chocolate  means holding onto  expectations; it is the desire to share an emotion and to instill an unbreakable connection between the most precious seed in nature and the pleasure that comes  from it.

A promise enclosed in a word and later in a kiss.  Chocolate has always been a part of our lives; a chocolate is like  a thought – it is enjoyed and tasted with passion.  It is something special that we reserve for our guests. It reflects the  most famous kisses the world has ever known.

And, if you wish to share these desires, you can bring along the Romeo and Juliet kiss:  you can order and buy them in various packages: a small packet of  10 chocolates, or in the beautifully presented boxes of  12.  And  for the most romantic, as confectionery in the shape of a heart that can be divided into two.

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