Donna in poltrona – Giacomo Manzù

Donna in poltrona – Giacomo Manzù

bambina in poltrona

Giacomo Manzù, art name of Giacomo Manzoni (Bergamo, December 22nd, 1908 – Rome, January 17th, 1991) was an Italian sculptor and two of his artworks are exhibited at the Grand Hotel:

Donna in Poltrona” (Child in Chair), 1984, bronze (cm 135×127) in the hall and “Ulisse in piedi” (Standing Ulysses), 1983 bronze (cm 193×85) in the garden.

He was the twelfth child of Angelo Manzoni, shoemaker and sacristan, and Maria Pesenti; very early he started working and carving wood. His first approach to art was in Verona while performing the military service (1927/1928) and where he studied the doors of San Zeno church and the casts of the Academy of Fine Arts “Cignaroli”.

His art incorporates the values of the ancient sculpture and is moved by a high civil and religious inspiration (see the series of Depositions and Crucifixions, 1940-43). His art is internationally and nationally acknowledged (see the door of Salzburg Cathedral, 1955-1958 and the so-called “Porta della Morte”, the Death Door of St. Peter’s Basilica, 1959-1964). He was awarded the Lenin Peace Prize (1966) and the International Feltrinelli Prize (1984).

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