Maternità – Richard Hess

Maternità – Richard Hess


Maternità” (Mother and Child) (height cm125), 1989, by Richard Hess, a sculptor born in Berlin in 1937. Since he was very young he showed a great interest in sculpture. After finishing his studies in 1963 he started his artistic career. As from end of the ‘80s he started exhibiting in Italy too, besides Germany. In 1997 he described his work and the evolution of his research by saying: “Each sculptor needs to find their own way between nature and geometry”. During his artistic career he participated in the most important exhibitions in Europe and Italy, among which: the Venice Biennale (1995), the Bad Homburg Biennale (1996), “MiArt” in Milan (1999), “Art Miami 2000”, “International Art Exposition” (1999) and the exhibition “L’ebbrezza di Noè. Sedici artisti per San Gimignano” (the Inebriation of Noah. Sixteen artists for San Gimignano) (2003). His artworks are part of private collections as well as exhibited in museums in Italy and abroad.

The artwork in the Grand Hotel garden depicts a mother-woman. She is not a romantic woman, neither a challenging woman but rather a “sacred mother” whose sacred value lies in her “carrying on” life, a woman full of life because she gives life.

Above described “Donna che salta la corda” (Woman skipping rope) by Minguzzi and “Ulisse in piedi” (Standing Ulysses), bronze by Giacomo Manzù.

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