The Grand Hotel history

The Grand Hotel history

We would also have liked to have our own Monsieur Gustave, the imaginary and charming manager of the Grand Budapest Hotel, however this story is not just about one and inimitable character, but is about  many people . The Grand Hotel of Verona has a history that runs through a period of 60 years. It owes its fame to the Ferro family that for many years has been administrating its resources, with great virtuosity and farsightedness and has made it one of the best hotels in Verona.

The architectural style of the Grand Hotel Verona, dates back to the Liberty style at the beginning of the 1920’s at the request of a noble Austrian family, the Reichenbach. It was their elegant city residence and was subsequently turned in to a hotel without changing the architectural style

The location distinguishes the hotel and makes it the city hotel par excellence. Set on the main street that takes you to the beautiful Piazza Brà and the famous Arena, which hosts many cultural events, one being the famous Opera festival.

During these past 60 years the history of the Grand Hotel has been made by the stories of its clients. Elegant, discreet and often in a rush. Sometimes happily on holiday and waiting for the last show of the Arena or returning happily from various wine tastings in the elegant wine bars of the city. The guests and the staff make up the stories of the hotel and the Grand Hotel is unique, able to satisfy all your requests. We invest each of our smiles to make sure you are completely satisfied.

In these 60 years we haven’t forgotten to also make the Grand Hotel efficient with every new form of technology: the 2011 restructuring has created a functional structure and rigorously up to date with all health and safety standards, without losing its historical charm.