Tips & Ticks: Travelling with children

travelling with baby

Tips & Ticks: Travelling with children

Travelling with children is always a wonderful experience, whether abroad or closer to home. Yet often, travel with children may not always be quite as simple as you would expect. Above all, a good level of organisation is always needed.

The first step is to know what documents to bring with you to avoid running into problems with hotels, airlines and any other places along your journey.

Travel within the national territory is relatively simple. Adults are required to carry a photo ID such as a passport or identity card. However, other types of identification may also suffice (such as a driver’s license, boating license, firearms license, pension book, ID badge, etc.) as long as it has a photo on it and a stamp or equivalent marking issued by an authority of the state.

However, very specific rules are in place for travelling with children. The law generally refer to minors, but it is important to remember that this also includes very young children including newborns. In Italy, all children regardless of their age must carry a personal Identity Card, which can be requested for children of any age, including infants. Requests for ID Cards can be made in your municipality of residence, at the General Register Office. Please note that the validity of the identification document depends on the age of the owner. More precisely:
• up to 3 years of age, the ID document will be valid for three years;
• from 3 to 18 years of age, the ID document will be valid for five years;
• from 18 years of age and older, on the other hand, the ID document will be valid 10 years.

It is essential to have these documents on you to stay in hotels. Without suitable documentation for easy identification, you risk complicating your holiday and the work of those employed by the hotel, with the risk of refusal of your stay by the hotel.
For detailed information on the specific documents required to travel abroad and on how to obtain a valid identification document, please visit the State Police website. The site contains all the necessary details for requesting documentation, renewing documentation or validating your current documentation.

And now? Ready for that next trip? Be sure not to forget to also pack wet wipes, water, portable games … and lots of music.
Happy travels to all!